Psychotherapy with adults is on an individual basis focusing on issues related to anxiety, excessive worry,depression,loss or grief, trauma andrelationship problems.I also asses emotional functioning.

Challenges faced by adolescents deserve special attention.With this group I work with issues of self esteem,self harm or self mutilation,depression,anxiety/excessive worry,relationship difficulties,suicidal ideation or parasuicide (failed suicide attempts),problems with drugs and alcohol.I also offer teenagers at high school level career assessment/guidance.

Married or singletherapy is offered for all couples in distress dealing with issues such as lack of communication,negative communication,disagreements on finances,issues surrounding handling of own children or step children,extra marital affairs etc.

Families often have to deal with trauma,diagnosis of a mental illness in a child/adult,etc.Psychoeducation is offered to families on mental illness issues as well as dealing with difficult behavior in a member of the family.




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